Sena 30k no sound and mic doesn't pick up

I bought a Dual pack of Sena 30K for my wife and my dad to use with me. I own the Sena 50S myself and am familiar with the functions. I purchased the 50S brand new and the 30K were second hand.

My issue is that both the Sena 30k's do not emit sound nor pickup voice from the microphone. I tested the speaker/microphone units with my 50S and it functions perfect. When I plug in the 30K though, it can still operate using the controls but I do not hear anything (I tested with music) and it doesn't not pick up voice (for example when I'm using Google assistant). 

I'm wondering if anyone has had issues like this and if there is a fix.

FYI after a huge struggle I did update one of the 30k's to the latest firmware 3.1.1 while the other one keeps saying "Cannot get status" so these issues I am mainly addressing to the one I am able to test fully with the updated firmware. Hoping there is a fix to this....Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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