Freewire-01 (Harley) WRONG FIRMWARE. TWICE!

Recently purchased 2 Freewire-01 (Harley variant) units for my new TriGlide,

One works very well…the other has been a quality control train wreck.

On connection with the Sena BT Manager (yes. latest version) ONE indicated this black & orange unit HAS GOLD WING FIRMWARE IN IT.

The box, label, color and cables are all correct for a Harley FW-01…but wrong firmware.

Opened a case with Support, I had done everything correctly, included screenshots and box/label pics…they said ship it in under xxxxx RMA.

Did that…they promptly shipped a replacement Harley Freewire-01 complete unit…COMPLETE WITH THE SAME $@%# GOLD WING FIRMWARE!!!

I have asked for case escalation and that a Tech Support or Customer Service Manager call me immediately to give me a resolution to this problem.

Needless to say I am EXTREMELY disappointed…we have a long ride in 10 days and I doubt if the intercom system will have 2 Freewires installed at this rate.

They even had me try to flash the unit to the HD variant firmware…it won’t change.

I find it hard to believe there is not a firmware flashing tool or workaround (i.e. sequence of button pushes) that will allow me to re-flash this unit in the field.


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