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  • Johnny Vibert
    Johnny Vibert

    I finally received the replacement 10C EVO today… Thanks to SENA for resolving my issue immediately after I publicly shared my bad Technical Support and Customer Service experience on their Facebook page. Needless to say, I find it a shame that I had to publicly share my experience in order to obtain satisfaction! I am hopeful that SENA will take note of my difficult experience with their Technical Support and improve Customer Service in the future! Thanks again to Leo (and others at SENA) for taking the time to understand my situation with the broken 10C EVO and send me a replacement! 

  • Kym Moulds
    Kym Moulds

    I totally agree with you.  Like you hI am a very long time SENA customer and I have noticed since they outsourced their customer support their quality in service dropped dramatically.


    It is a shame because they make a great product but if their customer service is going to continue to be as poor as it is then then next lot of coms systems I purchase for my trike tour business will be one of their competitors. and it will be good bye and good ridence SENA.


  • Dean Jackson
    Dean Jackson

    I am experiencing a lack of response since the initial contact. Very frustrating the appointed service agent appears to have gone AWOL. No response despite me making numerous submissions asking what is the next actions
    Seeing that Facebook posting may prompt a response, that appears they way I will proceed.

    Thanks for the information.


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