Freewire-01 for Harley mic impedance/Carplay

The Freewire-01 needs to be updated to be fully compatible with the new Boom! GTS radios.
The new GTS radios are CarPlay compatible, but in order to have full functionality the mic impedance presented to the radio input needs to be Lo-Z, not Hi-Z… this is a change from previous Harley audio systems where the headset microphones were high impedance.

Harley even advises owners of these newer audio systems that some of their older headsets are not compatible for this reason

GTS radios require a low impedance mic and the Freewire has a high impedance output.

I imagine this could be easily rectified with a new cable that goes from the Freewire to the bike headset connector, incorporating a high to low Z transformer in the microphone circuit.

Without this change, you will not have CarPlay available on the GTS radio…

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