Momentum Pro Camera trouble

I finally got around to trying out the camera in the helmet. I got the SD cards and formatted them. The problem is the camera keeps turning itself off. Every time, I turn the camera on, start recording, then 30 seconds later it says “low battery, camera off”. This is after charging all night. I factory reset the camera. I also reset it with the pin hole on the top of the camera. After I did that it recorded for almost 10 min. By far the longest video it has taken. Sure enough, before I made it home it says battery low camera off again. I was able to play music through it but it wouldn’t allow the camera to stay on for more than a couple seconds again. Does anyone have any ideas on what else I can do? I already updated the firmware. I’ve only had this helmet since the end of December and it’s already had several issues. I’m starting to lose faith.

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