Multi user Sena Pi


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  • Jeff

    I agree. I love the PI. Is there any plan to upgrade the firmware to allow for a third rider to join the conversation like the Snowtalk can connect 4 units? Please let me know if this is going to happen or if it is possible and when. The helmets do not do what we want. The helmets do not come in a big enough size for me and not small enough for my son. My wife would also like to join in the conversation. I would also like to use while downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. Thank you for your time.

  • Joshua Fletcher
    Joshua Fletcher

    Just in case anyone else is wondering about the +Mesh:

    Called support. They said the +Mesh is only compatible with a *single* Sena Pi. You can't connect more than one Pi at a time. You can only connect multiple Mesh compatible headsets. Given that the Mesh headsets can already connect to each other, I'm not totally sure what the point of the +Mesh is. :(

  • Charlie S
    Charlie S

    Hi everyone, 

    I have been wondering the same thing, whether there is a way to connect a third Sena Pi, as I would like to ride and communicate with a third person. It turns out there is a workaround I have used successfully! It involves using the Universal Intercom setting and connecting a non-sena device (NSD), in my case, some bluetooth earphones to create a 3 way intercom. The sena pi supports 4 different types of pairing: a) pi to pi intercom pairing; b) phone pairing; c) second phone pairing; d) universal intercom pairing. Using D, you can connect 2 sena pi and one other non-sena bluetooth headset (as long as it supports hands free) all into a three-way intercom conversation.

    Here's how (make sure you have the manual handy):

    1. Get two sena pi headsets and make sure they are paired through intercom pairing (rather than phone pairing, second phone pairing or universal pairing). Keep one on (we'll call it Pi A) and turn off the other (Pi B). 

    2. Read the Sena Pi manual to see how to connect a non-sena device through universal pairing. Enter the universal pairing setting on Pi A and the pairing mode on your NSD. The two should connect and begin an intercom session. Keep that session on while you boot up Pi B.

    3. Turn on Pi B and press the (-) button for 1 second to pair it to Pi A. This will create a three way intercom session between A, B, and NSD. 

    This is a great workaround if you only have 2 Sena but want to include a third person who has a bluetooth headset of any brand. The only downside is that the audio quality between Sena and NSD isn't that great. 

    I would like to see if this workaround would allow 3 Pi devices to connect, but I don't have a third one to test it on. I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. The only reason I can think of is that even if you tell the device you are connecting a NSD, it might recognize a Pi as a Pi, no matter what you label it. Still, might be worth a shot. 

  • David Brinovec
    David Brinovec

    My wife bought a pair of these for us, and while they're great, we would also love to be able to get more than 2 people into the conversation.

    Adding my +1 to this feature request.

  • Anthony Striglia
    Anthony Striglia

    +1 for wanting this feature. Give the Pi some love  and updates Sean!!

  • Tami Vroma
    Tami Vroma

    We use Pi for horses and our bikes. We ride with a group and would also like to add more than one person. Seems like a huge market you are missing out on.


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