Aux port volume scaling on 50S


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  • Chris

    Hey try the new firmware v2.0.2. They did some mic sensitivity problems for me in the update. I see in the 50s-01 previous version firmware they tweeked the aux output steps. Im interested in your gopro set up. I went a different way with mine. With my 50s onthe helmet I use a 50r with senas speaker cable accessory that has a 3.5mm plug on one end to capture a mesh conversation.This goes to a zoom ft-2 field recorder that has a 3.5mm output into the gopro media mod. This way i have a backup audio track recorded in the ft2 and the gopro just incase. When solo i use the lav mic that comes with the ft2. Only down side is I don’t think it will record a phone call.

  • josepeaydro

    I have the same issue and it's really irritating. I used to own the 50r but due to severe battery issues, Sena helped me swap in the newer Harman Kardon upgrade for the 50s (50r was also out of stock). I had been using my own speakers with the 50r and really loved the sound. Now that I'm using the 50s' aux port, the sound is greatly diminished. The Harman Kardons are fine but I prefer my IASUS X3's and now cannot use them. 

    I suppose I can't have it all.

  • Alton Dillon
    Alton Dillon

    Yeah i noticed this issue, @Sena can you improve this? Maybe allow playback from 3.5mm and the stock speakers so we just need to run one cable to the goPro


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