Sena Stryker Music Quality

I got my new Sena Stryker helmet yesterday and I had high expectations for the music quality with the new HarmonKardon speakers and smart features. The sound quality is not good at all, if i turn the volume up on it then it gets really distorted. I have tried using half volume on my iphone and then turning the volume on the stryker to max but then it isn't loud enough to hear when riding. I tried resetting everything, and nothing changes. I highly doubt they built the system to sound like this. Any ideas? also having problems with the app. When i have music playing through spotify it plays just fine, but when i open the app, it starts cutting out super bad and the app runs awful. After closing and opening it a few times it'll start doing a bit better. Super disappointed so far with this helmet and what I paid for it. The speakers don't sound blown or anything. seems more like a software issue. Hoping someone has some ideas. 



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