Kenwood KCA-HX7C (Sena 10c EVO) & KCA-HX5M (Sena 30k) Firmware

I have a quick question regarding Firmware/Software upgrades. I recently purchased a Kenwood KCA-HX7C (Sena 10c EVO) and a KCA-HX5M (Sena 30k). Unfortunately, the Firmware and Software versions from the Kenwood site are much older, compared to what's available from Sena.  Is it possible to use the Sena 10c EVO and 30k updates with the Kenwood products?  The oem.sena.com/kenwood  site indicates that the units are equivalent in technology, features and functionality.  If the Sena-Kenwood firmware updates are not compatible with each other, is it possible to please have your team post updated Firmware versions for these Kenwood units?

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