Schuberth C5 + SC2 settings

I have some time the new C5 helmet and SC2 intercom.
The are 2 major problems I encounter.

  1. Can't with any button stop the Bluetooth intercom that I have setup for my partner.
    Would like to have control to stop the message every time the microphone hears a noise that, can't connect to …..
    This happens continuous when I’m riding single.
    I now delete the helmet of my partner when I ride single.
    There must be a better way.
  2. When riding with my partner and the intercom working, my navigation BMW VI constantly, when there is a talk going on, that het connection is lost. Even it happens that the navigation starts a reboot. Very annoying when riding a route.

Tried several setting for the SC2 intercom, but nothing seems to help.
Who can help me with this issue.

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