This is my open letter to Sena Technologies regarding their 50s product.


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  • Kevin Reinhold
    Kevin Reinhold

    My wife and I honestly just use the communicators for conversation and listening to music. We purchased these just for the simple fact that they had better speakers and while we do not appear to have a volume issue as you do we have other issues. Like the fact that no matter what we try we cannot BOTH be listening to our own music off of our phones and be connected to the coms via bluetooth. If we do manage to get this done the darn things are pretty finicky in that the slightest amount of air coming into our helmets activates the intercoms and then we have NO music. We replaced a set of Sena 20s and honestly have not been happy since. Its pretty bad when you get pissed off that you cannot talk or listen to music consistently because the simple air makes the unit malfunction.

  • Chris

    Kevin, with latest firmware the audio intercom sensitivity control works on mesh. I run mine at 1 and that takes care of wind noise in my modular helmet. Are you using open face helmets? If so thats a tough one


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