This is my open letter to Sena Technologies regarding their 50s product.

I have purchased 2 Sena 50s systems. One died and was replaced via RMA, thank you I did receive good service once I got to the US based support. The Philippines based support was absolutely terrible. When i was talking to the folks on the US support team, I did ask/complain that the units were very quiet. We ran through several things and nothing ever made it any better. The one thing I really noticed when I spoke with the Techs (US Based Tier 2/3 folks) was they were amazed at my complaint of how quiet these units are. It’s like they had no idea what I was talking about. Anyways I am still having an issue with being able to hear the units. It has never gotten any better even with firmware updates. I recently tried a Cardo Edge and wow what a difference. I was still skeptical though because the Sena 50s is a much better unit right, wrong. A buddy let me borrow his Sena 20 and wow, I now know that the 50s are literally pieces of JUNK. I could hear everything, music, people talking via Bluetooth because it doesn't have mesh. But wow that unit actually was great. I know the folks at Sena know this is a problem, it’s all over the boards and reviews. I am upset I spent so much on a top tier platform that gets outperformed by a base level one. I understand you can't do anything about your competitors, but to be performed by your poor cousin that's pretty bad. I don't know if this letter will accomplish anything but I wish Sena would just acknowledge the issue and make some sort of amends for all the people that have bought one. At the minimum, I will be selling my unit and replacing it with your competitor. I HATE these communicators and the amount of money I spent on a truly flawed product.

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