10c Evo - Add Timecode and remove NB video

Hi Sena

I have the 10c Evo

Lets be fair and say .. this product sucks big time (others reading this, DONT BUY THE 10C EVO) go for other brand or 50c instead.

The Audio is bad , the video is bad , the Abilty to sync with gopro via timecode does not exist and why .. why the need for NB file.. let the phone handle the onthefly conversion of the original video file.. its just stupid and takes up the space


Why the heck cant you make a app that works, and have the abilty so that users can adjust colors.

And Have the user deside if they just want to record Audio and NOT video to save space ( the video sucks anyway)

Lot of this , is a software issue and you could fix it with the right programmers and make people like your products 

And it shouldnt take that long to fix

So get your shit together and fix it.. its NOT A CHEAP PRODUCT


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