does 50c work reliably for anybody?

I ride a 2022 BMW GS

I Use an iPhone 13


Bought and installed a Sena 50c

When I power up the 50c, it seems to reliably connect to my phone via bluetooth, but VERY intermittently connects to the bike (BMW Connect)

Only sometimes does SIRI respond, when I say "Hey Siri" most of the time it is followed by a single beep.

Sometimes when it is connected (different session usually) Siri responds and obeys my command. But, she says "now playing <music requested>" but no music plays. Phone says it's playing music, but nothing in the ears. Then after 15-20 miles, music magically pops into my helmet. Not interaction with the 50c, nor with the phone, it just magically decides to play.


Sometimes, in other riding sessions, the 50c will connect with the bike (bike can control media, volume, calls, etc...) and it will work. But it seems like about 1 out of 10 times does everything work.


Also, does the 50c have voice commands other than Siri and Google? I've tried everything I can find, and it doesn't seem to respond to anything other than siri.


Super frustrated, feel like I may have wasted $500. I'm technical professionally, but this thing kicked my butt trying to get it set up.

I did manage to update firmware to 1.0.1



Does it work for anybody? Is there a better tutorial or guide somewhere? If not, anybody want to buy a slightly used 50c?




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