Disappointed in New 50C Unit

New out of sealed Box 50C Unit

- Intermittent (almost never) connects to WiFi when at home to download pix or video

- Almost no Sena Voice Commands work whereas Android "Hey Google" commands usually work OK but they are not tuned to the functions of the Sena unit so.....

- When receiving (or making) phone calls the phone volume ALWAYS resets itself to 100% shattering my eardrums although both the Sena app. and phone volume is repeatedly set back to approx. 30%

- So many things didn't work according to the users manual (after updating all apps. and firmware) that I grew frustrated when Sena tech. support spent over two hours talking me through most everything I already tried with most functions still not working correctly with their phone support - Sena CS escalated the tech. support ticket to the next level but tech. support never attempted to contact me in any way to further resolve the issues -

- Tried doing all the previous functions working off a different (wifes) phone - no difference so it's not a "phone problem"

I assumed I just got a bumm unit and returned it to retailer who sold it to me -


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