Sena Spider ST-1 firmware 2.0.7 max volume


Reading the release notes of firmware 2.0.7 I noticed that you decreased the maximum volume. Knowing this, I compared the maximum volume of 2.0.5 and 2.0.7 and to my perception the decrease is quite big.

I would like to request to revert this change. When riding with in-ear hearing protection (which should be a common use-case) the maximum volume level of firmware 2.0.5 is already hardly enough to understand the other person in a phone call at higher speeds (~120km/h). My guess is that with firmware 2.0.7 I don't even need to bother accepting a phone call, because I wouldn't understand anything anyway.

As a workaround I downgraded back to 2.0.5, but this should not be the permanent solution to this problem. Especially, since the reason for this change doesn't seem to be a technical issue; I mean, it was working before and the hardware did not change.

By the way: Thank you that the updating tool lets me just select a previous firmware image and flash it flawlessly. Oftimes vendors prevent firmware downgrades for no good reason.



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