Sena 50s powering off by it self after turning on

So today when I was ready to ride, I put my helmet on and turn on my Sena 50s, after 3 seconds it just says "goodbye". At first I thought it was a battery issue since my last sena 50r was having a battery issue where it will not charge, but after charging the 50s for an hour and trying to turn it on it would turn off 3 seconds after, I was able to connect it to my phone really quick and see that the battery was full, so it's not the battery problem. I connected to the computer and show that I have the latest firmware.  After messing around with it for half an hour I figured out that if I turn it on and keep holding the "phone" button for like 10 seconds it will stay on like normal. This is really frustrating since it didn't have this problem before, I just wondering if this is a software issue.

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