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Maximum Volume
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FM Radio does not work
46 votos 217 comentarios
20S does not lock onto its base
45 votos 175 comentarios
SMH10 will not power on
35 votos 41 comentarios
Can the boom mic pass through (or be made to pass through) to the audio output?
25 votos 28 comentarios
Dangerously painful beep issue
24 votos 72 comentarios
When do you have a Windows phone application available for Sena 20S?
20 votos 28 comentarios
Not able to see my smh10 when I connect to my computer
20 votos 33 comentarios
Shuts off at random
19 votos 69 comentarios
Intercom range 20S to 20S
17 votos 47 comentarios
15 votos 111 comentarios
Intercom "Drops" Off and is unreliable.
14 votos 72 comentarios
New 20S
12 votos 173 comentarios
Sena 10C Camera Preview
11 votos 19 comentarios
Volume Level adjustments between "hello Sena" and stereo A2DP music from phone
11 votos 31 comentarios
A lot of Static Noise in intercoms
11 votos 49 comentarios
SMH-10 & 2014 Harley Infotainment System
11 votos 16 comentarios
Using Hello Sena Command
10 votos 49 comentarios
Cold temp shutting off
10 votos 26 comentarios
smh5 fm microphone not working...
10 votos 11 comentarios
Using Siri on iPhone 4s with SMH-10?
10 votos 40 comentarios
Static when using the new Apple earbuds
9 votos 41 comentarios
SMH10 Firmware upgrade on Mac
9 votos 21 comentarios
Firmware Update V1.0.1
8 votos 72 comentarios
Audio multitasking is poor
8 votos 19 comentarios
Music Sharing does not work
8 votos 42 comentarios
SMH5 1.1 to 1.2 firmware upgrade fail
8 votos 37 comentarios
Lots of new Sena products for 2016. But what about our issues?
7 votos 2 comentarios
20s will not connect to computer
7 votos 16 comentarios