Do you have a feature that you would like to be added to a Sena product? Do you have a suggestion for something that is not currently available on a Sena product? Make a topic in this thread and we will check it out.

Used Replacement Battery Kit
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12 votos 8 comentarios
SRL2 battery and charging design failure
11 votos 4 comentarios
Loop recording for the 10c
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Would like to see a Harley Davidson factory audio/CB interface.
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Leverage Jog button while on a call to Mute
11 votos 13 comentarios
Create a SR10 2 way radio cable for the Yaesu FTM-10R / FTM-10SR
10 votos 32 comentarios
Pairing two SMH10 headsets to one device
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Windows Phone App
9 votos 33 comentarios
Update App to Include Individual Volume Settings
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GP10 and 20s - Allow music/GPS from phone while GP10 is also paired.
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SR10 Needs Ground-Loop Isolation
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More volume please
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SMH10 FW v4.0: Please add the actual states to the voice configuration menu items
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Sena SRL2 speaker upgrade and compensation to existing customers
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Please add ability to adjust or mute alert tones (20S)
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10C Audible Action Notifications sound level adjustment
8 votos 6 comentarios
option to disable frequency voice prompts when selecting preset fm station on the smh5-fm
8 votos 4 comentarios
SMH10R - Adaptor for earbud speakers
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Balance Control
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Master volume control
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How About Programming Via Software Manager?
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Side Tone
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Be able to modify the pairing code (by software)
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Video tagging auto stop in case of accidents
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20S auto volume increase
7 votos 2 comentarios
20S Audio Multitasking Needs Cooperative FHSS
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Sena 20S needs blanking plug for safe removal of the speakers
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Ability to set priority device
7 votos 2 comentarios
Has Sena considered a wireless PTT button for the SR10?
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