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Be able to modify the pairing code (by software)
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Better quality speakers for SMH10R
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Allow the user the option to keep A2DP stream active during SR10 Audio mixing
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SRL and iPhone "Hey Siri"
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add FM radio to SMH10 and remote control on handle bar
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Sena 30K can't multi-task
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Caller announce
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Lanyard attachment point on the main unit
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allow audio source priority to be changed by the user
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Upcoming Noise Control Helmet
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Why no Windows app?
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SR10 Stereo audio option
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GP10 and 20s - Allow music/GPS from phone while GP10 is also paired.
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New Feature Request: Configurable Device Prioritization and Multiple A2DP devices
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Have a setting to be able to turn off music sharing
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Let SMH-10 have 2 A2DP pairings at same time
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SRL Mesh
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10C time and date setting should not require a smartphone.
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Update the Windows 64bit link to the Config Software!
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Remove "Beeps"
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Volume control for SM10
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Audio Mixing
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Audio mixing (esp. MP3/music & intercom)
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A headband kit to be able to use SMH10 like an SPH10 for non motorcycle helmet applications.
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Separate pairing for GPS and cellphone on SMH10 for motorcycle use...
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Leverage Jog button while on a call to Mute
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Pairing two SMH10 headsets to one device
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headphones capability?
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Gain control for GP10 GoPro bluetooth microphone interface
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