Why is our Sena mesh so noisy?


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Mesh networks are dependent on the environment for quality. There are several factors that can cause interference and noise, including our own skull, which can affect the signal as it passes through this thick material. This could potentially answer your question about the orientation of the headset and your head's location.

    here is a video example showcasing the 50R mesh at 200 yards.


  • Rob MacLeod
    Rob MacLeod


    Is the mesh network the problem, i.e., would we be better off with a different Sena model?  I can only compare them to our Terrano cycling intercoms (https://www.terranosystems.com/terrano-store/) , which we have used for 10 years and they work so much better than the Sena. 200 yards/m is a dream in our experience on the water in our kayaks. 




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