I have a unit I bought last May and it will not pair with the new set I just bought .
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Replacement mounting
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17 votes 59 commentaires
Jog Dial Mute Button for bluetooth music
2 votes 3 commentaires
Bike mounted system
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Road Trip / Group Audio
2 votes 1 commentaire
Installing SMH10 v3.3 Release
0 votes 5 commentaires
Throat microphone
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Please provide a monaural option for headset.
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Pairing two SMH10 headsets to one device
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add FM radio to SMH10 and remote control on handle bar
14 votes 19 commentaires
SPH10 - interconnection expansion, network development.
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The ability to conference in the passenger for listening to music or phone conferencing
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Update auto pairing with SR10
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European Swap out to get the main unit with the latest Firmware update versions
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SMH10 Manager Mac-compatibility
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Using Siri on iPhone 4s with SMH-10?
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Audio Mixing
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Combination speaker/earphone baseplate? En avant
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SR10 Stereo audio option
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SMH10 microphone audio level settings
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Loss of Voice Commands
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provide audio feedback from the recieved device back to the transmission devices speakers
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allow audio source priority to be changed by the user
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To offer a better head phone connection design
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firmware 3.2 software update stops after 8%
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Offer the Main Unit Seperately
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Can the headset be used while it is charging?
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