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How do I pair my phone with an SMH10 and SR10?
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MP3 volume inconsistent
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How to unpair headsets?
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Offer to upgrade older SMH 10
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firmware 4.0: Incoming call doesn't ring
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I have just upgraded my firmware to 4.0 - Previous Bluetooth pairing lost is the normal
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3 and now 4 way conferencing
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Does Sena SMH-10 provide "side tone"
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Sena Bluetooth Manager Mac for Lion
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conferencing with more than one
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Updates done by bluetooth
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What happened to the ring tones in the new SMH-10 models?
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IPhone music and rider to rider intercom at same time?
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Hearing music form Nokia phone when paired to it.
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Can the boom mic pass through (or be made to pass through) to the audio output?
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iPhone, SR10, and SMH10
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Are either of the SR10 input jacks noise-gated?
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Storage of SMH10 during Winter time?
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Voice commands to Droid
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Can all Sena units communicate via intercomm?
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Can the SMH5 be used on a SMH10 headset?
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Best phone for MP3 or (MP3 player - I'm fine with separate devices)
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I have a unit I bought last May and it will not pair with the new set I just bought .
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Replacement mounting
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Installing SMH10 v3.3 Release
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Using Siri on iPhone 4s with SMH-10?
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Loss of Voice Commands
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firmware 3.2 software update stops after 8%
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Can the headset be used while it is charging?
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