10R Volume Level Totally Inadequate

 Its seems I am far from being the only one that think the level of volume is totally inadequate based on posts here and doing a Google search.

Above 80 KPH (50 MPH) I can barely hear any audio: MP3, radio or GPS. If I open the overhead helmet vents, forget it.

So I have the 10R radio ON in the absolute tranquility of my home and stepped through all volume steps; there are 12 including end point beeps.

Tell me, where exactly would anyone use the bottom 4 or 5 volume steps, the volume is that low? In a church as the sole occupant? lol

A firmware update (V1.1.2 months ago and now V1.2) has been done numerous times as well as all resets. So lets not even discuss those aspects.

The so-called better 20S speakers that come with the 10R have been installed in the speaker pockets on my new Shoei Neotec, a helmet that is well enclosed with a chin curtain. The thick foam and glue residue from the plastic covers that came with the helmet have been removed. All that is between the speakers and my ear is the helmet lining and removing them make absolutely no different to the volume so they are not a cause of reduced volume level.

I wear yellow foam EAR brand plugs and I am not going to ride without them. I am not about to jeopardize my hearing. I have used them since my days as a flight instructor and despite the noisy environment of a C150 which were muffled by the ear plugs, I simply turned up the communications radio in the aircraft. That is what you normally have to do when you are suppressing noise when using ear plugs. Motorcycle is a totally stock 2016 BMW R1200 GSA LC.

So either change the firmware to drastically increase volume control or take this unit back. And no, there is nothing wrong with my hearing.


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