Voice Echo Using Freewire on Goldwing with 20s on Intercom

We just purchased 2 Freewires to go with our 20s headsets for use on our 2008 Goldwing. They connected quickly and easily. The music sounds great, the cb works and the GPS instructions come through loud and clear as well. However the onboard intercom system is horrible. It is loud enough however both of us can hear our own voices echoing and slightly delayed in our helmets. Highly annoying, basically makes the intercom on the bike unusable. You cannot converse properly with the echo/delay. Paired units to the freewires first as phone one, then paired our phones as phone 2. Did not pair the units to each other (as you shouldn't have too, the Freewire is advertised as being able to use all the bike's features, including the intercom), checked the side tone setting-it is disabled. Emailed support 2 days ago, still no response. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, did you ever get it fixed? Thanks.

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