SanDisk Disclaimer for Prism Tube

I hereby request for a disclaimer on your Prism Tube products and/or website, to warn (potential) buyers to avoid using SanDisk micro-SD cards for this specific model. 

Apparently SanDisk cards make for a lot of troubles trying to keep your recordings intact (.MOV files will almost always turn out to be corrupt). 

This issue does not seem to persist with another manufacturer's cards (such as Lexar). 

Unfortunately, due to lack of any such disclaimer, I was not aware of this and had bought a SanDisk Ultra PLUS HC-1 32GB micro-SD, which turns out to be unusable with this product. 
After a lot of research on the internet, it became apparent that other users have the same issue when also using SanDisk cards. 

One in particular would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zfpz2ruIBJg&lc=z13ruhqjbp3qj1x0323kg5jxyorttv3zm04.1497044017182944 although there are other examples out there. 

It would be great if people were made aware of this issue, avoiding extra costs and time. 

I am not looking for any refund of any kind, but would rather warn people to avoid the extra costs and having to go through the trouble of finding a solution or perhaps even give up on an otherwise great product. 

Thanks for the consideration. 

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