Sena 10c EVO


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  • John L. Brown
    John L. Brown

    me too.  I just tried my sena prism, which I loved (past tense) this is the second year in a row it died on me...sena says out of warranty, even tho they sent me a new one last year to replace my defective one...and they say no repairs if not under the first warranty. geeze....I really didn't want a helmet cam, because of all the head movements looking for traffic.....but the prism has no reliability.... go pro?

  • Pascal


    One more ;-) 

    I've been stole my 10C few weeks ago, looking forward the EVO to replace it ?
    Any idea when it will be available ?



  • Kym Moulds
    Kym Moulds

    Well you have heard the old song 'The 12th of never'.  Well, that's when SENA will bring out this unit.  Their page says 'Coming Soon'.  It's been coming soon for over 12 months now SENA.  Tell your customers what is your definition of the word"SOON'? because we'd love to hear it!!!!!!!


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