[20S] QoL Suggestion for battery notifications



This is a feature I had on my previous headset (chinese brand), and it was absolutely great to have. I would love for my 20S to have this as well.

When turning on the headset, a voice would automatically say how much battery was left. It was really good to be constantly reminded, I basically never ran out of battery or just the one time. I've had my 20S for a few months and found myself running out of battery quite a number of times, because the battery lasts for so long that I just forget to manually check.



Whenever turning on the headset, the voice announces how much % battery is left, to the tenth percentile. Example

1. Turn on headset

2. Hear "80% battery remaining", or "20% battery remaining"

3. If the battery is low, start sending audio notifications "Battery at 20%. Please charge soon" "Battery at 10%. Please charge soon" every 5-10 minutes (with an adjustable setting option for how often, I guess?)


I hope this helps!

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