SC1A - Bad bike2bike communication


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  • Eric Lenfant
    Eric Lenfant

    I have exactly the same problems.
    Apparently these current problem for all buyers of C4
    I tried contacting the support from SENA and Schuberth, but without any response.
    It is scandaleu qaund we know the price of this headset and its communication system!


  • Mark Libbrecht
    Mark Libbrecht

    This was the answer I received fom Sena : 



    Thank you for the update and we do apologize for response. 

    There might be an issue with the helmet since you already did the reset and update the firmware. Basically, resetting the unit can solve that kind of issue.

    Basically what we can advice is to contact Schuberth and process a replacement. Just let them know that you did all sort of trouble shooting steps and still no luck. Same issue occurred.

    Sincerely Yours,

    SENA Technologies

  • Tim Michael
    Tim Michael


    Super Support SENA!

    Thanks for nothing!

    $1200 in the wind 

    Never Again!

  • Raboga

    Schuberth and Sena the big shit !!! I had to sell my c4 and sc1 for a shit 1/2 of the amount that cost me. Now I have a shoei neotec 2 with a Cardo smartpack and It’s wonderful, all works perfectly. Schuberth and Sena NEVER MORE !!!!

  • J.Schäfer

    thats what I probably will do, too, as neither Schuberth nor SENA anyhow seem to be interested in satisfied customers. very expensive mistake :((  too bad i'm not living in the states, i would sue them for indemnity, as 50% of our bike trips were without working communication, but hours spent with trying to get this shit to work :((

  • João Pedro Carvalho de Moraes
    João Pedro Carvalho de Moraes

    I just purchased 2 C4 with the SC1A intercom. I had the Freecom 4 from the Scala Rider and I could hear FM and my wife too and we could talk to each other at the same time. I would like to know, because the manual is very complicated, the following:
    1) Can I listen to FM and talk at the same time to the other intercom?
    2) Can also with music from the cell phone and talk to the other intercom at the same time?
    3) Can these two options be made when I am sharing music or FM, that is, I can also talk and listen to the shared music, FM or cell phone?

  • João Pedro Carvalho de Moraes
    João Pedro Carvalho de Moraes

    one bad thing that happened on the first day of use, I only used it twice so far, is that sometimes my spouse spoke and I only heard about 5 seconds later and sometimes I kept hearing my voice.


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