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Dear Sena,

I've been using a Sena SMH10R for over 2 years now. I love it.

I started out using it on a Kawasaki Ninja 250, my 16 year old daughter had started riding as well on her own Ninja 250, and the ability to talk to her as she was learning to ride was invaluable. If she needed help with something I was right there.

After a year of riding bikes with the noise output of a sewing machine we moved up to Harley Sportsters. Both of our used bikes came with the aptly named Screaming Eagle pipes on them and between the noise of the bike, wind noise, and the necessity to wear ear plugs the speakers didn't quite have enough volume at highway speeds.

I recently picked up the ear bud adapter and they audio clarity was back, but I didn't have the hearing protection of ear plugs. Then I found a product called Plugfones https://www.plugfones.com/ which combine hearing protection with ear buds. They are great, but not perfect for motorcycle use.

I'm thinking Sena could apply their expertise to upgrade the idea a bit.

The problems with the plugfones.

1. The 3.5mm headphone jack is a 90 degree adapter, a straight jack would plug into the Sena ear bud adapter better.
2. The wires coming out of the ear buds are straight, they would fit under a helmet better and be less susceptible to breaking if they came out at a 90 degree angle.
3. The cable is way to long, when connected to the Sena ear bud adapter it really one need to be a foot or so long, as it is I have to tuck about six feet of wire into my jacket.


Headphone Earplugs & Hearing Protection | Plugfones<https://www.plugfones.com/>
The first and only headphone earplugs. Plugfones earplugs protect your hearing while filling the void with your favorite band, book, or podcast.


Thanks for your time,

Tom Pike


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