sc1 and shuberth c4 issue


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  • Liam Scanlon
    Liam Scanlon

    I actually have exactly the same problem. Initially it'll start by creating static in the helmet speakers, sometimes I can hit the helmet near the battery or Bluetooth unit and it will fix, other times it will completely crash and I will have to stop on the side of the road to take the battery out to restart it.

  • Tim Michael
    Tim Michael

    I solved my Problem - it was Quite Easy! 

    I placed my C4 with the SC1 Advanced in Ebay!

    I dicked around for almost 8 Months with Sena and Schuberth.

    I Even send the C4 in with the SC1 to be fixed. after 3 weeks it came back with nothing done to fix the Problem. they just reset the Unit. SUPER SERVICE schuberth, Thanks!

    Sena will not look at the Helmet, it hast to go thru Schuberth.

    I got tired of the Ping Pong game and useless emails. 

    I purchased a Shark Helmet for 50% less than what the C4 costed and the Sharktooth system. Everthing works perfectly now....


    My TIPP, get away from Schuberth and the SC1.



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