Freewire/20S/Infotainment-CB - Is it working for you?


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  • Tim Snyder
    Tim Snyder

    So I found the source of the problem and the mic-to-Freewire-to-CB is now working.

    He's what I found was the problem. I have 2 headsets in the helmet - the Sena Headset and a standard, wired headset. I removed the speakers of the wired headset. I connected the speaker wires to a mini-plug, which I plugged into the audio input jack of the 20S. When I removed the plug from the jack and recycled the 20S. The microphone then started working with the Freewire.

  • Michael Nicholas
    Michael Nicholas

    Tim, is your 20S still transmitting with your Freewire?  I have the same problem that you did.  I also got a replacement from Sena via warranty, but still cannot transmit.  I've done all of the same troubleshooting steps that you mention in your other posts.

    I don't have dual headsets in my helmet, just the Sena headset. In the setup that you mentioned that works, do you have any headset speakers connected to the base unit of the 20S, or only something plugged into the audio input jack?



  • Tim Snyder
    Tim Snyder


    We haven't used the CB in awhile, but I believe it still works. I took out the CB headset once we got the Freewire working. There are only the Sena speakers in the helmet. I don't have any extra speakers or ear buds or other audio input plugged into the base of the Sena.

    I suggest you do a hardware reset and a factory reset of both the Freewire and 20S, then re-pair. Note that Sena says to do a factory reset of both units if you update the software on either unit. 

    Be sure the cable that goes from the Harley to the FW plugs into the FW completely. It fits tightly.






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