10U and Antenna Schuberth E1 Intall


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  • Coachlinnea

    I was finally able to shove the antenna between the exterior of the helmet and the padding. But boy, that is not intuitive and I can't imagine doing this repeatedly and having the antenna survive. 

    And VERY difficult to get the padding snapped into the helmet around the antenna (I slide things around quite a bit).

    I also now can't get the little peg on the neck roll on that same side to go back into its slot.

    Please respond if there is a better way with the E1.

  • Miti Flores
    Miti Flores

    I assume that none of these units are the easiest of things to install. There's a video in how to install that its Sena 10U How To Video for Schuberth C3 & C3 Pro (Installation.I think that would be help. Also you can visit my page Premieressay testimonials


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