20S/Freewire CB use on Harley Davidson


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  • Michael Nicholas
    Michael Nicholas

    Wish that I could help you, brother, but I am frustrated as well.   I returned my first Freewire and now have a replacement, and I still am unable to transmit at all.  Not only does the CB not work, but I cannot issue commands to my Navigation system, which is kind of important to me.  I also cannot talk on my phone (I need to pair the phone directly to my 20S for the phone to work.)  

    Everything seems to work fine when I am connected via a cable to my bike, but that means that I don't need the Freewire in the first place.

    The 20S also seems to work fine with bluetooth communication to other Sena headsets.

    I keep thinking that there is some setting that I, too, am missing. I've upgraded to the latest firmware on the 20S, Freewire, and Boom! Audio box on my Harley.  (I've also reset everything to factory, which is what the Sena Help Desk had me do while troubleshooting.  That is also a waste of time.)

    Hope that someone can answer both you and me.  Were you able to broadcast at all with your CB?  I get nothing.


  • Tridandroid

    I had to return a freewire in Feb because I couldn't transmit with it.  The new one works, but is starting to get flaky about auto-on when plugged into the lighter socket.



  • az002

    I have a 2010 HD Tri glide with the OEM CB wired into the radio and PTT switch. I purchased the 10s sena and the free wire adapter only because I was told by sena and the sponsored seller that I would be able to transmit and receive with this set up. All works fine with the sena 10s and the free wire EXCEPT the OEM CB. Cannot transmit or receive!!! My HD Dealership even changed the CB out with a NEW CB and changed the PTT switch yet the same problem exist.I know it x-mits and receives due to the radio indicates that it is doing this. Yes, the volumes are set correctly.

    Called sena and the young lady mentioned that I need to pair the units to the  "Second Phone" setting. There is something in the instructions on this but vague. By the way ... connecting to my bike the old way with the 7pin headset cord the CB will transmit and receive great.

  • Philip G Shepard
    Philip G Shepard

    I can send and receive cb with the freewire and 20s evo but everything i say is in the evo helmet speakers as i say it.  done the same troubleshooting , updated firmware in both units and the resets and did not fix the feedback problem


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