Sena 10u charge while in use

I recently purchased a Sena 10u which replaced my SMH10 which I had used for years. I was very distressed to find out that I cannot charge the device while using it. I go on long bike rides rather frequently and always appreciated that when my Sena got low on battery I could easily plug in the unit into a battery pack and still use it while riding. I find the 10u has a shorter battery life which is understandable given it's smaller size, but the fact it can't be used while charging makes it much less useful than my old SMH 10. If I had I known it had this limitation I would have gotten a different device that fit my needs and use case. I saw a response from Sena in another thread that suggested this was a safety concern, I find that logic flawed, because I still do the exact same thing, plug the Sena unit into a battery pack and charge it up, just now I can't actually use the device when I do so. Please please please have a firmware update that allows use while charging. Having a bluetooth comm that lasts half a day and can't be used while charging is not acceptable for practical use.

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