Sena 10u charge while in use


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  • josh parker
    josh parker

    I completely agree. I've seen the Sena support forum post here,, "Unfortunately due to safety concerns you cannot charge the 10U while it is powered on. Once you plug it in to charge the headset while powered on, it will automatically detect this and power off."

    Sena, what safety concern? Please let the users decide if it's a concern. I'm unable to get more than a half days' riding out of the 10u in the neotec. 

  • Ian Fridell
    Ian Fridell

    I can't agree more!!! I too go on lots of long day rides, multiple day/weeks trips. I get so frustrated that I am only getting 4, maybe 5 hrs tops! I have to take a power pack with me to charge the 10U while I stop for lunch to maybe get the rest of the day out it. 


    Also to address this safety concern, what is it? You stop, take your helmet off, insert a charger, put your helmet back on, start your bike and get back to riding! I absolutely agree that they need to add an update so it will charge while in use. That would solve all the issues... 

  • Nick Boyle
    Nick Boyle

    This is a huge issue for me also. I'd suggest running out of power in a foreign city whilst using voice directions from my phone (no visual - it's in my pocket) is more of a safety issue. 

    At least give us the option in the app to enable this at our own risk.

    Riding from London to Lille is hardly the longest journey in the world and the battery didn't last that.

    I always had my SMH5 plugged into a small travel battery.

  • Robert Glover
    Robert Glover

    Since Sena is ignoring this issue I recommend anyone else who has is unhappy with this with this leave reviews wherever you bought your Sena 10u complaining about this problem.

  • Scott

    Mine powered off yesterday after a full charge and only 3 hours of usage.  Could not use while charging.  Unacceptable.


  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli

    This is a major issue with me. I have 3 10Us. One in a Neotec and 2 in C3Pros.

    I have another C3Pro with an Interphone. Why? Because when I ride with my son on long trips, we never have to charge it until we stop for the night. He returned his Sena 10u for an Interphone Tour. So I had to get another helmet and get an Interphone. Have to keep my Sena products because the three other groups I ride with use them. Don't even try to tell me about universal intercom crap. It doesn't work reliably.

    My Sena 10u devices last 5hrs at most. How can it be a safety issue to have it plugged in while riding? All winter long, I'm plugged into the bike with heated gear!

    Just got finished chatting with Sena. I had asked about this very subject and also asked if the Prism Tube could be used while plugged in. I was told that they do not recommend using the camera plugged in because it will ruin the battery.

    Why can't they just fix this stuff!

    It isn't cheap. Why do they punish me?

    Is Sena run by my ex-wife?

  • Colin Balfour
    Colin Balfour

    I've just posted an update here

    I think the safety concern is they don't want you overheating a lipo battery while it's right next to your ear inside your helmet, if it's on the outside and it catches fire, that's different.

  • Jan Jansen
    Jan Jansen

    Apparently not only the Sena 10 U has this problem. I want to be able to turn on the SRL headset while it is charging. Just like this is already possible with the older S20.

    And please vote for the original submitter of the feature request. The more votes, the more likely it will be picked up. Maybe wishful thinking :-)



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