Good bye sena and hell Cardo

I have been using sena helmet coms since they first cam out years and years ago.

And sena have deteriorated as the years have gone one.

Recently the battery in my 50S started to 'play up' I would get 2 hours of or less use then the next charge I would get the advertised time of use out of it.  My summation was the battery was on the way out. My 50S was just out of warranty and when I contacted the Australian distributor they informed me that they would not replace the battery under warranty (which i did not expect anyway) and that sena did not have a battery replacement system for the 50S and that I should just buy another 50S. This was the straw that broke the camels back.

After all these years I am now going over to Cardo and giving sena the flick!!!!

Good bye sena and good luck because you are going to need it sunshine.

Oh, and thanks for all the fish!!!!!

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