When I answer a call the iPhone 13 goes to iPhone mode instead of SRL2


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hi Flavio Figari

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your device. To resolve this, make sure that your SRL2 is set as the default communication option on your iPhone when it's paired.

    Go to your Bluetooth settings and select your SRL2, then set its type to "headset." After that, search in the settings for "call audio routing" and choose the correct device.

    I've encountered similar problems with standard smart earbuds in the past. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

  • mojevo

    What happens if you connect correctly? Is SRL2 making a mistake? You can try testing drift boss on Iphone 13

  • mikasa

    You can try disconnecting your SRL2 headset from your wordle unlimited iPhone and then reconnecting it.


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