iPhone, SR10, and SMH10


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  • Ken Wagnitz
    Ken Wagnitz

    I too would like to know similar...

    I want to have my phone playing MP3s via Bluetooth to the SMH10, use the phone from the SMH10 (either via the SR10 or direct) and use a CB radio connected the the SR10.

    That is my first question.

    My second question is.... why are Sena so bad at answering these questions? This thread has been unanswered for over two months. Sena gear is not cheap. It is fair to assume that part of the price includes support.  Where is it??????

  • Chris BeHanna
    Chris BeHanna

    Per the use manual for the SR10, it can share an HFP connection with another device.  The SMH10 4.0 firmware, furthermore, allows for two HFP connections, so we're good.

  • Ken Wagnitz
    Ken Wagnitz

    I have the SR10 working with my Android phone and a CB like that, Chris. (Haven't road tested it yet, but works on the bench).

    My local Sena dealer thought the iPhone couldn't separate its hands-free and A2DP connections, but the Jeffrey Sacilotto post in this thread seems to suggest an iPhone would work with an SMH10 and SR10, ie that it could pair with both, hands-free to the SR10, A2DP to the SMH10.

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    I'm confused by the OP's question. What is the benefit of running the iPhone through the SR10? My setup works well: iPhone paried to SMH10 using both HFP and A2DP. Radar detector and zumo 660 plugged into SR10. This gives me full voice dialing and radar and GPS directions.



  • Permanently deleted user
    Permanently deleted user

    Set up described in original question is possible, but phone's bluetooth audio profiles connected to two bluetooth audio outlet devices can cause abnormal audio switching between mono(HFP) and stereo(A2DP). Thus, connecting phone's HFP and A2DP profiles to two different bluetooth devices is not recommended. SMH10's firmware version 4.0 provides a solution to this challenge by allowing limited two HFP connections simultaneously. Case section within the SMH10 user manual version 4.0 will show such set ups.


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