wiRevo A100 Stereo Bluetooth Adapter for iPod

I have had a WiRevo A100 (Bluetooth dongle for the Ipod) in use since 2009 with the original SMH-10's & it worked, most of the time.

I have since upgraded the units & the firmware version of the SMH-10 & over the winter I have upgraded the firmware from 3.2 to 3.3 & then 4, but haven't used it with the A100 until today.

I can link the A100 with the SMH-10, I can control the Ipod with the SMH-10, but I can't get any audio from it (I have 2 units both do the same thing). I have tried a different mount (I have 4 units - 2 spares) I went back to 3.3 firmware all with no success.

Can anyone provide some insight as to what I can do?


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