SMH5 firmware problem?


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  • Tfka

    Same problem with my smh5 (not dual)

    Solution pleaaaaaaaase

  • Cknowles

    I had contacted SENA about it and received 2 separate responses. One that I could send my unit back for Warranty replacement, and the other was to just continue using it with the SMH10 firmware.

    I elected to keep it and use the SMH10 firmware. It seems to work just fine, and both units can communicate with each other and  I'm happy with the performance

  • jeff chasick
    jeff chasick

    I am having a problem doing the firmware 5 ugrade to my SMH10B

    I am using Mac OS X mavericks


    I cannot get the head into the flashing purple light mode so the Sena firmware upgrader cannot recognize tje devicve


    any tips for getting the unit into the putple flash mode?


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