Zumo 350 no sound in Multipoint Pairing


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    I have the same problem with a Zumo 350, I connect up my iPhone 4S and as soon as it connects the sound from the Zumo is cut off - if I disconnect the iPhone, the sound from the Zumo comes back.

  • URIEN Yann
    URIEN Yann

    When I connect my Zumo 340 to SMH5 my phone disconnect.

    When i connect my phone, my Zumo 340 disconnect.

    I must choice before ride and stop to change choice

  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    Hi URIEN,

    Make sure you have the latest firmware for your SMH5 device.

    Please do factory reset your SMH5 (see page 22 and 23) and pair your devices as below.


    Pair your Mobile phone as HFP/A2DP on Manual 6.1.1

    Pair your Zumo350 as Multipoint HFP on Manual 6.3.1



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