smh5 fm microphone not working...


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  • Jenik

    I have problém with microphone too, its too low and device few days old.


    I have the same problem - was working fine then has stopped when linked to iphone 5s - am upgrading to latest firmware now to see if issue resolved. It a pretty poor product if the mic fails so often.

  • Scott Sage
    Scott Sage

    I have not been able to get either mic to work.  I have an iPhone 5 with latest OS.  Everything else seems to work well and I really like the low profile.

  • Inspectsir

    One mike seem to work off and on. Just discovered that you have to line up the arrows when you connect to the speakers.

  • Cloutier

    Had the same problem and restored the firmware update back to 1.3.   Issue resolved for me

  • Oscar Marin
    Oscar Marin

    Unfortunately I'm having the same problem, it was working well and all of the sudden the mic stopped working. I just tried to upgrade the firmware from 1.3 to 2.0 and that did not resolved the problem. Is there something else I can try?  

  • Scott Kirby
    Scott Kirby

    I just purchased my smh5 fm and haven't got the mic to work yet.  I've tried some different settings on my phone but no luck.  I'm going to try to back down the firmware; I updated it right out of the box.  My phone is a Moto X second generation so I'm hoping the Sena will work with it.  This phone has some a lot of voice recognition on it's own so it could be the problem.

  • Oscar Marin
    Oscar Marin
    I tried the following

    * bought a new mic. Dit not worked
    * try upgrading and downgrading the firmware in multiple occasions. Did not worked
    * finally what I consider to be my last option was to buy the cable that has the mic connection and the headphones and that worked!! Last I check in Amazon it was like $20+
  • Jeff

    poor product - microphone does not work, I have asked for technical support, I will give it 5 working days for a reply. then it goes back to amazon and I will buy a better product

  • Epfister

    Recently purchased the SMH5-FM and it is paired with my Blackberry Z10.  Voice command works and I can voice dial, but the other party cannot hear. Put in a help request to SENA , any ideas in the meantime?  

  • P231p
    The problem is the junk connection between the mic and the 3 wire connector with the speakers. Mine doesn't work and it's brand new. Just looked and realized one of the pins inside the connector is missing. Either came to me that way or broke off the first time I plugged the microphone in.

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