weird shutting off issue while playing music through phone (smh10)


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  • Busold

    Mine does it wether I'm listening to music or not. It just powers down unexpectedly.. Just shuts off.

  • Colin Gourlay
    Colin Gourlay

    Mine has started shutting off randomly as well. Sometimes I get about 5 seconds into playing music before it shuts off. Sometimes I can go for 20 minutes. Very annoying, especially when they won't respond to my warranty ticket.

  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta


    It appears that you're already in contact with a Sena agent regarding this warranty ticket.

  • Kym Moulds
    Kym Moulds

    I have had the same problem when listening to music or audio books when touring on my motorcycle and using a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.3).  I have researched the problem and I believe that it is not a problem with the SENA units (it happens when I use my SMH10 and new 20S).  When this happens to me I look at my S4 it shows that the audio file has been paused.  What I did to rectify the problem was turn off the options "Smart Pause" . You can enable and disable this feature in Settings–My device–Smart screen–Smart pause. To disable this feature, just un-check it.

    I hope this is of some help to those of you experiencing this problem.


    Cheers Kym

    (Sydney - AUSTRALIA)

  • Ryan Savaria
    Ryan Savaria

    I am having the same problem with my 20s...

  • Gajendra Pandey
    Gajendra Pandey

    I have SMH10 and I started having this issue when I upgraded to firmware 5.0. I am using it with Android phone. Mine is shutting down once every 10 minutes. It is really annoying. I fully charged the battery, did factory reset, and reinstalled the firmware but nothing helped so far. SENA please help us.

  • mbz

    Gaj, Have you tried the pin reset at the back of the SMH10? You could also try the firmware restore (your old firmware)

  • Areknocun

    Ive got exactly same issue with my s20  which I bought to replace my smh10.

    Ive narrowed issue to be happening only when listening to music via bluetooth connection.

    Usually i can stream music for 10-15 minutes , but after that time  it will always shut off after 5-15 seconds.

    Haven't experienced it when listening to radio, nor when having long phone conversations using sena via phone.


  • Areknocun

    same here- switches off

  • Anderl71
    Music will run with my S3 and Galaxy S4 mini continousely. But after a while in standby tehe remote play/pause doesn't work. Any ideas?
  • Sam

    Having the same issue after working fine for 2+ yrs. Has there been any resolution on this?

  • bedo2405

    Also having the same issue after working for 11 months. Is there still no resolution???

  • Benjamin Laventure
    Benjamin Laventure

    Did SENA Support ever responded to this issues????


    Can't find a resolution anywhere....


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