Pairing SM10 and SMH10

Allan Schappert, Nov 14 08:13 (PST):

I have my SMH10 paired to my Droid Incredible and a SM10 wired into the sound system of my Goldwing.   Every time I turn on the SMH10 it immediately recognizes my phone and connects.  But EVERY TIME I have to re-pair the SM10 to the SMH10. It never recognizes it from the last paring even if only a couple of minutes ago.  Is there some way to get the SM10 and SMH10 to remember each other?

Austin Jones, Nov 14 09:04 (PST):


That is because it is pairing your phone up first. So you will need to power on the devices in a certain order. So please make sure you Bluetooth on the cell phone is turned off. The power on the SM10 then the Headset. Let those pair up then turn the phones Bluetooth on then that will pair up and it should all work for you.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

Austin Jones
Technical Support Engineer
Sena Technologies Inc.

They’re kidding, right?

So I pull out my cell phone – wake it up – menu – setup - Blue Tooth - Turn off.

Then I turn on the bike-radio-SM10, turn on the SMH10 and wait for the two to pair,

Then back to the cell – menu – setup – Blue Tooth – Turn on.

And I do this every time I get on the bike!!!!

It’s a heck of a lot easier to just pair up the SM10 separately each time.

I just can’t believe that the software guys never thought someone would own a hands free phone and a SM10 at the same time!  I didn’t realize I’m so far ahead on the techno geek curve!

Anybody got any better ideas, or is time to look for another device(s)?

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