Can I use a navigation app voice turn by turn with the Sena


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  • Brian Tenpenny
    Brian Tenpenny

    This worked just fine on my uClear, don't understand why it's an issue on these units.

  • Steven Myers
    Steven Myers

    Guess it depends on your phone. Works well on my Galaxy S3.

  • mbz

    Typically, the Nav app will use the A2DP channel to give the direction. If you can play music from your phone and hear it in the Sena headset you should hear the Nav app direction.

    I would also add that some Nav app, you may need to enable Bluetooth on the app itself. I hope this helps.

  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    Yes. If you pair your phone using Mobile Phone Pairing then you will be able to listen to the directions from a GPS app as it is using the same Bluetooth profile (A2DP) as music.


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