12v Power adapter capabilities?

I just bought a pair of SMH-10 and I'm relatively happy with them (since I've done the software update). But I took a trip with them and since I had two 12v cigarette lighter to USB power cords with me, I decided to leave my normal Samsung Galaxy S3 charger (actually a generic) at home, thinking I could just use the charger from the SMH10s.  WRONG!!!

For some reason, the phone is not able to charge from either of the Sena power adapters so my trip was without phone use. The Sena units can charge ok from my Samsung adapter but not the reverse. Is there a specification in the design of power adapters that could make a difference? If so, it'd be great if Sena could see fit to providing an adapter that could be used for the devices common to a motorcycle rider - like a phone! What are the specs for these adapters?

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