Please explain VOX modes

I understand the idea behind VOX: speak and something happens without pushing buttons. What I don't understand is how VOX Phone and VOX Intercom work.

If I'm riding on my own, I enable vox phone and disable vox intercom. Talking into the mic doesn't get a response from my phone. What does VOX phone do?

With VOX intercom, I expect the pair with another rider as usual and when one of us speaks, the intercom goes hot and I hear my friend and vice versa. When the talking stops, the intercom should go quiet. At least that how I expect VOX intercom to work. On a recent 300+ mile ride, we chatted as usual, and also rode for a while without talking. I can barely hear my friend's engine and wind noise, and, using side tone, I'm sure I'm equally noise-free when not speaking. But it doesn't seem that the connection ever went fully quiet during the "nothing to say" moments. How is VOX intercom supposed to work? (Yes, both my friend and I have VOX intercom enabled)

Finally, it seems that VOX phone and VOX intercom can be enabled at the same time. How's that supposed to work?

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