Universal Intercom Limitations


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  • Jgwphd

    My experience: I went riding with three bikes yesterday. Two with Sena SMH10 and one with a Scala. We were able to conference between all three of us.  It worked great! Both Sena riders could hear the Scala rider and vice versa. The only "glitch" is that the Scala may have a low volume microphone and be hard to hear unless you turn up the volume on your Sena unit.  What we did is that I first paired with the other Sena. We then turned off the other Sena (probably didn't have to, but we decided this might limit any confusion if a problem occurred). Then I paired with the Scala (using universal pairing). The guy with the scala has to pair with me as if I (my sena unit) was a phone. At that point I had to turn up my volume to hear him (he was barely audible but once I turned up the volume on my unit I could hear him fine). After we were talking successfully, then we turned on the other sena and he just tapped once to join our conversation. After splitting up, later in the day we rejoined. The scala rider arrived first and all I had to do was tap once and we began talking (after turning up my volume). The scale ride didn't have to do anything. A few minutes late the other sena rider arrived and joined us by taping his unit once and we were all talking with each other again. The Sena with the new fireware uploads keeps getting better and better and better IMHO   :-) 


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