Universal Intercom Limitations

Hey everyone. I have looked at the Sena Universal diagram and I don't get the 2 Way and 4 Way connection pictures... However for 4 Way chat, can all 4 people talk to eachother. For example, if two people have Scala G9 and two people have Sena SMH10. I know one Sena is capable of connecting to one non-Sena. But in this example of two Scala and two Sena, will all four people be able to talk to eachother at the same time ? (I think I'm confused because in the diagrams the 4 headsets are connected in a linear line but doesn't show crossing lines to indicate they can talk all around) Hopefully this question makes sense. My brother and fried have Scala G9. And I'm wanting to get the SMH10 for myself and girlfriend. Thanks everyone ! PS: I'm hoping for a confirmed answer. Not a "should work". Sorry if that sounds rude.

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